It takes two to tango: Sweet and salty snacks with nuts and dry fruits

Exclusive compositions by

Do not miss them! For those who love something special: our exclusive snacks in wonderfully exotic combinations - a symphony of taste! This diversity is only available to us. Let yourself be seduced and treat yourself to extraordinary snacks, which you have never tried before!

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The rich offer of our unique mixtures will convince you. With us you will find your own individual snack composition, which will melt you on the tongue. We have developed our blends for people with taste who want to enjoy the carefully selected and high-quality ingredients. These come from all over the world and are processed with the greatest care to exclusive compositions.

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Excite your friends at the next party with amazing packages of exclusive snacks. With basilsticks, Thai-Reiscrackers, Cuba-Mix & Co., your celebration is guaranteed to be a complete success. Show the Taj Mahal mix next to truffle blended nut mix, arrange the Raspberry Twins with the White Strawberry Flakes (white strawberry flakes), drape the Samoa Pearls (Samoa Ball Mix) before ... leave Your imagination free run! Your guests will remember this fascinating snack for a long time and will gladly come back to you!

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The snacks for watching TV, reading or listening to music will be varied and exotic with our exclusive snacks, spicy and spicy, sweet and salty ... just as you wish and in what mood you are! Consummate enjoyment, with which Television & Co. is almost to the side employment. Let us take you from our snack compositions to distant countries. Dream with the mix of Tuscany Spicy Blend from the Italian sun, with the fiery salsa blend of Mexico and with the Caribbean blend blend of dream beaches and turquoise sea.

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Our uncomplicated ordering system makes it easy for you to order your snack compositions in the desired number. These come in special airtight packaging to you so that all flavors remain intact. The Persian Blend unfolds its Persian flavor after opening, with the unmistakable smell of pistachios, almonds and spices, as well as the blend Wild West Mix, the scent of chilli and pepper. So do not hesitate and be seduced by your personal, exquisite snack compositions!