Salted & chocolate-coated peanut kernel

bulk 3kg

bulk 3kg

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ZIP bag 600g

ZIP bag 600g

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composite can large 800g

composite can large 800g

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Peanuts in a very beautiful and tasty shape

Classic Peanuts are a snack fun which just keeps going. No matter when, no matter where. For Prime Time in the evening or around the mid-day interim low in a jiffy to escape from. Our ENERGY MIX sets this classic snack now even the crown! It is incredibly delicious, looks great and provides you in a matter of seconds with the necessary energy that you need to go back to think clearly and be able to reach your peak performance. Of course, in our energy snack is also the feast, too: the classic, salty peanuts convinces with a cream-coloured peanuts tones, as you are accustomed to it, and along with the delightful chocolate peanuts you have a peanut mixture that you delightfully wrap around your finger.

Delicious chocolate and delightful salty

Sensual, round curves. Blond and brunette. With charm and refinement will ensnare you our ENERGY MIX and bewitch your taste buds until you succumb to the salty-chocolaty revelation with their spicy peanut kernel. For peanuts lovers, who love something special and no longer want to leave with unit blends we have an unbelievable tasty offer to make: High-quality peanuts that present themselves you alternately completely naked and only a lingerie made of fine salt granules, or as a grand dame in an elegant evening gown made of the best milk chocolate. Let yourself be seduced by our Peepshow of nuttiness.

Those opposites attract delight

Eyes on and pay attention! Something else will not stay simply out, the salty and chocolaty face of this delicacy. Give yourself our ENERGY MIX and let you fizzled by energies with the force of the tastiest peanuts in the world to bring back. A snack, of body and soul, reconciled with the tough working and guarantees in this exclusive blend the very special moments of pleasure. The best peanuts with a natural look, we've spiced up with a little salt and the finest milk chocolate. Sounds like the perfect snack - it is!

Nutrition Facts per 100 g Serving

Energy: 2425,5/582,5 kcal
Fat: 44,3 g
Saturated: 9,4 g
Carbs: 22,7 g
Sugar: 17,2 g
Protein: 20,8 g
Salt: 0,4 g


PEANUT, vegetable oil, salt, MILK chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, whole MILK powder, cocoa butter, WHEY powder), glucose syrup, emulsifier: SOYa lecithin, flavor: vanilla, glazing agent: Gummi arabicum, shellac. May contain traces of GLUTEN, SOY, SESAME and nuts. May contain traces of GLUTEN and other nuts.


SKU: P-19018



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