Nut kernel mix and fruit mix

bulk 3kg

bulk 3kg

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ZIP bag 550g

ZIP bag 550g

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composite can large 700g

composite can large 700g

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Simple - but tasteful

One of the five boroughs of New York, the absolute hotspot, was the inspiration for our gorgeous simple, but grandiose effective mix of pure cashew and almonds, the experience with a touch of salt, intensifying their flavour. With dark and slightly cranberries, the profile completes terrific. The name Manhattan is in one of the ancient Indian languages means "hilly country". These hills are symbolically regain this Snacks in the beautiful curves of the creamy-tender cashews and sweet almond kernels. The Cranberries are symbolic as little striking islands for the many attractions of Manhattan, which is an island with a unique character itself.

Snack it this way!

A city that never sleeps needs lots of energy. Just as the people who live in it. This is the reason why our MANHATTEN MIX is so wonderfully intense to your energy reserves. Cashew and almonds provide your body with essential nutrients. The good carbohydrates of nuts, provide strength and endurance. The Cranberries, especially rich in bioactive nutrients, are a good source of minerals and trace elements. Even the indigenous people of the United States knew that are supported by these berries defenses. In addition, free radicals are controlled by the known antioxidant effects of striking red fruits. Refined with a pinch of salt, effectively and thereby tremendously delicious refuel your energy back.

For endurance runners and Energy Junkies

Refined skillfully with a dash of salt, our creamy nuttily cashews and sweet almonds win a natural reinforcement of their intrinsically perfect taste. The actual pleasure summit of our MANHATTEN MIX you can reach, however if you alternately nuts and almonds with a dark red cranberry in the mouth shuffle along and doing very intensive taste the slightly salty note of Cashews and almonds together with the sweetness of super fruit cranberry. A mixture that invigorates and energizes and beautifully saturated. The MANHATTEN MIX is suitable for all those who need to set priorities pleasure, to replenish their energy tanks again,and rushing in an endurance run through their day. Perfect for cereal or as an ingredient for homemade granola bars, as a mixture with fresh fruit or as a snack to a green smoothie.

Nutrition Facts per 100 g Serving

Energy: 2095,2/504 kcal
Fat: 35,7 g
Saturated: 4,3 g
Carbs: 39,7 g
Sugar: 24,7 g
Protein: 14,5 g
Salt: 0,5 g


ALMOND, cashew, sugar, cranberry, sunflower oil (non-hydrogenated), salt, PEANUT oil. May contain traces of nuts.HAZELNUT, ALMOND, brazil nut, walnut, pecan cranberry, blueberry, sugar, sunflower oil (uncured). May contain traces of GLUTEN, SESAME, SOY, MILK and nuts.


SKU: P-19045



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