Peanut kernel with honey mustard pretzel

bulk 3kg

bulk 3kg

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ZIP bag 450g

ZIP bag 450g

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composite can large 550g

composite can large 550g

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Speciality with sweet/sour aroma

This snack will provide a gold shiny taste sensation that you will never forget and that will burn deep into your taste buds. Our GOLDEN COAST BLEND combines sweet and salty components in themselves. But first things first ! First, we introduce you to the most intense flavour of peanuts in the world: surrounded by a thin, but exquisitely-crunchy caramel layer, which is decorated with perfectly roasted sesame seeds, this pleasure basking toasty inside dainty delicacy gorgeous spicy peanuts. Completing this snack enjoyment bit by crunchy pretzel, ingeniously refined with a touch of Honey Mustard & Onion. A taste that you just can not describe - you have to try it yourself and enjoy the “golden Feeling” on your tongue.

A golden duo that will capture the world of tastes

After you check it out, you will find your mouth covered with water! This golden duo is by far the evidence for the perfect snack when it comes to an unprecedented combination of sweet and salty. An extremely refined compilation which is unlike any other snack mix, so creative and full of surprise as our GOLDEN COAST BLEND, which is put together with a lot of love and lust for a crunchy snack. Let yourself be captivated by sugary, honey mustard and sweet crispy fragments of this very special nibble specialty. Peanuts that have been lovingly encased in a crunchy sugar crust and topped with toasted sesame seeds and crunchy, bite-sized pretzel pieces, flavoured with Honey Mustard & Onion - mixed fascinating as the contrasts sweet and salty so skillfully and staged - golden snack moments included.

For real snack-food lovers and for all those who want to taste it

It is an unforgettable moment when you hold for your first time our GOLDEN COAST BLEND in the hands and his dazzled by it'll golden appearance which gives him an exalted and exclusive overall picture. Refined caramelized peanuts with a sesame kernels topping flanked by crisp pretzel pieces that have been seasoned with a spicy note of excellent Honey Mustard & Onion. It's hardly any other snack gives so much flavour and creativity like this one. At a glass of red wine, thoroughly enjoyed whose berries tones themselves gorgeous combined with the sesame caramel and turn, makes the honey mustard onion touch of pretzels instantly for a very different pleasure moment. Strictly speaking, this snack can be used universally, if you like something special as Snack gourmet and extraordinary love.

Nutrition Facts per 100 g Serving

Energy: 2444,2/584 kcal
Fat: 32,6 g
Saturated: 20 g
Carbs: 60,2 g
Sugar: 39,4 g
Protein: 12,8 g
Salt: 0,8 g


PEANUTS, WHEAT FLOUR, Sugar, Onions, Maltodextrin, Glucose, WHEY POWDER, SESAM, Salt, Vinegar Powder, Modified Starch, Honey Powder, Hydrolysed SOYAPROTEIN, SENF, WHEAT STRENGTH, Yeast, Spices, Horseradish Powder, Vanilla, Cinnamon, colouring agent: curcumin, Acid regulator: sodium. May contain traces of NUTS, SESAM, SOJA and GLUTEN.


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5 from 5 Außergewöhnliche leckerer Geschmack süß und herzhaft

Super lecker. Definitiv mit Suchtfaktor. Süß und herzhaft. Zu Bier gemütlich mit Freunden der absolute Favorit! Ich werde definitiv mehr bestellen!

>Kim Kadir Ö., 03.05.2020
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