Peanut kernel & cashew with truffle oil

bulk 3kg

bulk 3kg

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SKU: P-15118-BLK
ZIP bag 600g

ZIP bag 600g

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composite can large 700g

composite can large 700g

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SKU: P-15118-CCL


Cashews and peanuts with stunning flavours - buy now online!

The two unquestioned leaders among the nut kernels, peanuts and cashews, are available for you to buy now online at CrackersCompany Shop. Both nuts are important nutrients, deliveries numerous minerals and nutrients. From a long time the nuts have always been associated with a balanced and healthy diet. A particularly tasty version of these two combined is our TRUFFLE BLENDED NUT MIX. A noble premium exclusive product with the best kernels were set in a perfect harmony with fine truffle in an excellent manner.

Nutty flavour with fine aroma in a double pack - available online in the Shop

High-quality cashews and peanuts, attractive for their intense scent, can now be bought online in the CrackersCompany Shop. Noble truffle flavour completed this delicious nut mix with the finishing touches of a small pinch of salt. Our TRUFFLE HIDDEN NUTMIX is a very special blend of crunchy and mild nuts, seasoned with delicious truffle flavour. A nut mixture, as you have not experienced anywhere else. This luxury and sensational taste of tuned Cashew Peanut Mix seduce you in the gentle and aromatic way. Noble sweets.

Cashews and peanuts - a tasteful Duo now online

If you still can't name a special snack of your own, here is the one. Through the subtle truffle flavour, which you will feel the first bit, you will already know that you have to do here with a very special snack. Our TRUFFLE BLENDED CASHEWS are specialties when it comes to the spreading the wonderfully captivating aromas and, therefore, provides a wonderful taste experience. Lay yourself on a couch and grant you this flavoured revelation completely. Enjoy the soft, delicate, nutty flavours of the cashews and the nutty sweet peanuts and let your sense seduced by the wonderful flavour of truffle oil. Buy this special mix now online at CrackersCompany.

Nutrition Facts per 100 g Serving

Fat: 49,2 g
Saturated: 7,7 g
Carbs: 18,4 g
Sugar: 4,5 g
Protein: 21,6 g
Salt: 0,6 g


CASHEW, PEANUT, truffle oil, PEANUT oil, salt. May contain traces of SESAME.


SKU: P-15118



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