Pumpkin seeds with chilli

bulk 3kg

bulk 3kg

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ZIP bag 450g

ZIP bag 450g

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composite can large 550g

composite can large 550g

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The best of the pumpkin delightfully exacerbated

Roasted without oil, our Chili PUMPKIN SEED is a small and decent accomplishment, but an enormously precious nibble snack. The small, reminiscent of golden nuggets with spicy pumpkin seeds shell, are the delicious seeds of vegetables pumpkin trend. In the East and in the Arab world the pumpkin seeds are roasted and served since the beginnings of time, for example, having a snack with a tea. In this country, we know the dark green seeds are used for example in bread or as a topping on whole wheat buns. As an important supplier of proteins, minerals and lots of vitamins that small Power Seeds are considered a real nutrient supplier for the body. So none of our major suturing materials is lost, our Chili PUMPKIN SEED are protected with a wonderfully crispy shell of delicious spice mixture with fiery Chili and gorgeous oriental-tinged spices. Now available online at CrackersCompany Shop!

Not just golden, but with pure energy inside them - Buy online now!

The mild, nutty and light creamy through the valuable oil content pumpkin seeds, are an asset to the snack area. They contain primarily healthy and unsaturated fatty acids, a real healthy gift for the blood vessels, the heart and the brain. They also contain valuable fibers, which makes them inevitable included in a balanced and healthy diet. An ideal snack so great for serving in between meals, when you are tired and you urgently need a little energy supplier. Our Chili PUMPKIN SEED is a small star in the sky snack as he combines unique flavours and valuable nutrients to each other supplies you with the power of Chili hotness whenever you need them. Get these energizing treats now online at CrackersCompany Shop!

Small snack with a fiery appearance - Shop now at CrackersCompany!

Deep hidden in the belly of a pumpkin, the delicious pumpkin seeds are waiting for their great taste performance. Delicious, this little delicacies. Nutty and spicy in the taste, Chili PUNKIN SEED is bringing you instantly on a good mood with their golden yellow colour and its distinctive round shape. You are the killer of the monotony of everyday life because once in that exotic flavours of the great nibble's comes into your tongue they explore your taste buds instantly. Our pumpkin seeds with their wonderful spicy-sharp shell are due to their exotic taste quite excellent as a topping on a pumpkin or a potato soup. Also, scattered loosely over a summery salad, Pumpkin seeds are a great eye catcher. Grab this fiery snack online now at CrackersCompany!

Nutrition Facts per 100 g Serving

Energy: 1818/434 kcal
Fat: 19,1 g
Saturated: 4,5 g
Carbs: 47,2 g
Sugar: 21,6 g
Protein: 15 g
Salt: 1,4 g


39% pumpkin seeds, WHEAT flour, sugar, waxy corn starch, salt, powdered SOY sauce( SOYsauce, dextrin, salt, colour (ammonia caramel)), onion powder, potato starch, 0,3% chili seasoning (paprika, capsicum, cumin, oregano, sunfloweroil, roastedgarlicoil), red pepper powder, food acid (citric acid), colour (copper complexes of chlorophylls). May contain traces of NUTS and MUSTARD.


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5 from 5 auf den Inhalt kommt es fast nicht an ;-)

Schöne leichte Schärfe und Knusprigkeit bekommt man hier - die Ummantelung ist fast größer als der Kürbiskern innen, den man eigentlich nur durch die Knackigkeit bemerkt, der milde Geschmack wird von der Kruste überdeckt (was ok ist). Sehr gutes Produkt, da läuft mir immer das Wasser im Mund zusammen.

>Robin S., 13.08.2020
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