Almond kernel roasted with smoke aroma

bulk 5kg

bulk 5kg

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ZIP bag 600g

ZIP bag 600g

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composite can large 700g

composite can large 700g

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The almonds - a genius culinary transformation

The tourists of the Mediterranean island of Majorca are in every spring seasons overwhelmed and delighted: almond trees, that are all over with white almond blossom ideal for a perfectly romanticambiance. From the rising sea of flowers arise comes the delicious almonds that are a constant delight at any time and with only a few spices it can be transformed into another attractive snack again, that can surprise anyone. The almond, as we know, is very beloved in every kitchen and very popular. The almond is a true combination from healthy fats and vitamins becoming an excellent brain food and improves the concentration. Our SMOKE ALMOND is a wonderful snack due to its inimitable smoke flavouring and the balanced salt touch and brings the best out of this magnificent fruit.

Stunning pleasure snack with a smoky note

In order to describe our SMOKED ALMOND accurately, it would have a new word to be invented. Delicious, incredible - they cannot express exactly what you will taste when you try for the first time almonds. The smoky flavour and the delicate touch of salt are together in perfect harmony. The gentle crackling of the fruit when the sweetish nutty texture combines with the smoke flavour and the small salt crystals, that is a gorgeous and unspeakably great taste.This SMOKE ALMOND is the best thing that can happen to a prime Mendel. Delicious and healthy, we have to offer you a snack of anything you are looking for. Incredibly perfectly seasoned and crunchy. It is just an absolute dream this nuts blend.

Smoke flavours that will blow your mind

The first thoughts that come in your mind when you try for the first time our SMOKE ALMOND are definitely: Hopefully keeps the pack until the next delivery. No joke - these smoky salty almonds are the best that you have ever tasted something related with almonds. Each other chip varieties just fall into oblivion. They are delightfully piquant and, therefore, a wonderful snack after work joined with a glass of beer. The ideal bar snack, which will be gone from the table with a lightning speed. Or just like that. One reason these almonds to nibble there will always be!

Nutrition Facts per 100 g Serving

Energy: 2519/602 kcal
Fat: 51,9 g
Saturated: 4 g
Carbs: 8,8 g
Sugar: 5,7 g
Protein: 21 g
Salt: 1,9 g


ALMONDS 93.5%, smoke flavour 3.7% (flavouring, smoke flavouring), sunflower oil. Product may contain traces of PEANUTS and other NUTS


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