Nutkernelmix with chickpea & broad beans

bulk 2kg

bulk 2kg

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ZIP bag 350g

ZIP bag 350g

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composite can large 450g

composite can large 450g

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Roasted peas, deliciously coated peanuts, crispy chili-wheat pillows - buy online

At first glance, this mix stands out as something truly special: where else can you find crispy peanuts, crunchy chili-wheat pillows, and light, bright green peas - all rounded off with a hint of curry? This light snacking style is the reason for the success of our LOUNGE MIX, which also captivates with its visual appeal and instantly convinces with its unique taste. It's no coincidence that Singapore is considered the melting pot of the world's kitchens. It combines a variety of preparation methods and influences from all global cuisines. Food is very important to Singaporeans, resulting in an incredible variety within a small space. Our LOUNGE MIX embodies this principle: a diverse mix of interesting components, perfectly seasoned - an ideal snack to buy in our online shop.

The nutty snack that impresses with creative ingredients and a delightful curry aroma - order online now

An elegant and very delicate curry scent gently greets you when opening the packaging of our LOUNGE MIX. Gradually, the eye takes in the tastefully color-coordinated snack components. In the mouth, the taste experience unfolds: roasted peas, fantastically seasoned peanuts, and appetizing chili-wheat pillows combined with delicious broad beans and green beans. This immediately convinces every snack gourmet with its carefully selected ingredients, gentle preparation, and perfectly balanced spices - an exotic snack to order in our online shop.

The light nibble that takes you on a culinary journey to the far reaches of Singapore - buy online

The roasted peas are a splendid highlight, surrounded by the golden-yellow chili-wheat pillows and the deliciously spiced coated peanuts. A colorful and light nibble that is perfect for a small snack in between meals when your stomach is growling but time is short for a larger meal. Our LOUNGE MIX is not only suitable for a little snack in front of the TV or with a glass of wine on the couch but also in the car on longer trips. Even in your handbag, on a shopping spree, our mix quickly helps to recharge your energy reserves and allows you to stroll through the day feeling refreshed but not weighed down - discover this tempting snack in our online shop to buy and enjoy the variety of our products.

Nutrition Facts per 100 g Serving

Energy: 1765/420 kcal
Fat: 16,4 g
Saturated: 2,8 g
Carbs: 59,4 g
Sugar: 8,2 g
Protein: 8,6 g
Salt: 1,8 g


Peas, PEANUT, green bean, PRAWNcrackers, broad beans, WHEAT flour, PRAWNflavor, chili, curry, vegetable oil, sugar, salt, colorings: E102, E133.



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