Nut mix with crunchy corn

bulk 3kg

bulk 3kg

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ZIP bag 450g

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composite can large 550g

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Sun in your heart and snack on your tongue - buy online now

Barcelona is highly popular, as fashionable as hardly any other place in Europe currently. Bohemians, artists, and other free spirits make the city their home and give it that special flair we've tried to capture in our BARCELONA MIX. This mix should make you feel like strolling through one of the many market halls in Barcelona. Roasted peanuts with a touch of salt or dipped in a spicy seasoning blend are the delicious start. Alongside them, golden corn kernels, gently roasted and coated in a crispy shell, symbolize the sun that enchants the entire city and its Art Nouveau facades on the way to the beach. And when you have one of the airy nacho pillows in your mouth, you've arrived: in one of the small tapas bars with a glass of Rioja in hand - buy this snack in our online shop, CrackersCompany.

The rhythm of Spain captured in a snack

The secrets of the extensive Spanish cuisine gather in our spicy and spirited BARCELONA MIX. The contents are a mixture of taste and appearance: lively, pretty green dried chickpeas with a unique flavor come rolling towards you. The crunchy roasted peanuts live up to their promise, as their fine saltiness makes them taste even more delicious than they look, and with a crispy, seasoned coating, they're twice as tasty. Golden corn kernels in a crunchy shell create a fine crunch in the mouth and pave the way for the fabulous nacho pillows, which will impress with their light and airy texture and a touch of chili - order this snack now online at CrackersCompany.

Passion packed as a snack

Empty clay bowls pile up on the table, and the carafe is refilled once more. The sun sets, the day ends with a delicious snack in your stomach and a delightful sip of wine. Spanish lifestyle, bundled as an exotic mix of spicy-coated peanuts and savory corn snacks, rounded off with a touch of chili, guarantees lively evenings, great conversations, and lots of laughter. Our interpretation of the Spanish zest for life hits the mark when you're looking for a spicy but charming snack to accompany a glass of red or white wine. If you want to take the creative route, choose our BARCELONA MIX: you'll be amazed by the intense green of the chickpeas, the yellow corn kernels, the nacho pillows, and the two peanut variations - find this amazing snack in our online shop, CrackersCompany.

Nutrition Facts per 100 g Serving

Energy: 2194,8/527 kcal
Fat: 33,4 g
Saturated: 6,8 g
Carbs: 36,8 g
Sugar: 5,3 g
Protein: 17,3 g
Salt: 1 g


WHEAT, chickPEAS, BROADBEAN, green BEAN, SHRIMP vegetable oil, sugar, salt, chili, curry, corn, semolina, rice, maltodextrin, PEANUT, colouring agent: yellow-orange S, tartrazine, brilliant blue FCF; Flavor enhancer: Monosodium glutamat, disodium. May contain traces of GLUTEN, SOY, MILK, SESAME and nuts. Can affect the activity and attention in children.



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5 from 5 Lecker

habe die Mischung zum ersten mal bestellt und in 2 Tagen war der Beutel leer ;-) , schöne Würzmischung, nicht zu scharf.
Die Erbsen nicht ganz so mein Geschmack.

>Sylvia G., 06.12.2022
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