Nut kernel mix with ricecracker & chilli

bulk 2kg

bulk 2kg

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ZIP bag 300g

ZIP bag 300g

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composite can large 350g

composite can large 350g

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Explosive taste sensation: fiery-intense blend of peanut kernels, rice, and wheat crackers

One of the biggest stars in the culinary firmament is undoubtedly the chili pepper, with all its facets. We too have long recognized the potential of this versatile chili and implemented the heat of this flavor volcano as an elemental component of many of our premium snacks. In our RANGER MIX, chili plays a hot lead role. Each and every one of our peanut kernels, rice or wheat crackers enters into a close bond with the refined spice and shines with all facets of fiery seasoning. Colorfully, the RANGER MIX fully supports the powerful concept of chili and reflects this fabulously in rich yellow, orange, and red tones.

The No. 1 spicy maker in combination with perfectly roasted peanut kernels and crispy rice and wheat crackers

Our RANGER MIX is an extra spicy challenge in the CrackersCompany snack landscape, as you have surely rarely experienced it before! The fabulous chili note adorns our roasted peanut kernels and the edgy-crisp rice and wheat crackers especially fiery. Those who love spicy food will celebrate the RANGER MIX until the doctor comes.

Edgy profile, fiery taste & crunchy and chewy

Chili is considered a fat burner, with metabolism running at full throttle with regular consumption, which is good for the figure. The enjoyment of chili can also contribute to an increased sense of happiness, the so-called "pepper high." This effect is completely harmless, but we cannot exclude that you will become addicted to our RANGER MIX. Because this premium blend with the best ingredients in combination with the fiery recipe has already lured many "snack-heads." Of course, we are only talking about the reluctance to stop enjoying it. Thanks to fat-free baked rice crackers, the pleasure is also possible without remorse.

Nutrition Facts per 100 g Serving

Energy: 2012,8/482,1 kcal
Fat: 23,4 g
Saturated: 6,7 g
Carbs: 53,4 g
Sugar: 5,3 g
Protein: 12,3 g
Salt: 1,7 g


Rice, PEANUT, CASHEW, WHEAT, vegetable oil, sugar, salt, chilli, maltodextrin, SOYA, MALT Syrup, SESAME, mod. Corn starch, MILK, garlic, seaweed, EGG, onion, bell pepper, pepper, yeast, colors: capsanthine, caramel, allura red, yellow orange, cochineal red A, curcumin, flavor enhancer: disodium guanylate, disodium aminosinate, release agent: silicon dioxide, stabilizer: tri-calcium orthophosphate , Acidity regulator: malic acid, sodium diacetate, citric acid, ammonium bicarbonate. May impair activity and attention in children.


SKU: P-12139



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