Toasted corn kernel

bulk 2,5kg

bulk 2,5kg

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ZIP bag 350g

ZIP bag 350g

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composite can large 500g

composite can large 500g

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SKU: P-12201-CCL


The refined alternative to popcorn - Shop now at CrackersCompany!

Buy online now and discover the amazing world of maize cultivated as a crop. CrackersCompany brings you a golden yellow corn snack with an exciting twist. This delicious alternative to popcorn will win your heart with its unique taste and fancy yellow corn grains. Try this smart golden nibble and make it the new star in your snack sky.

Surprisingly different corn kernels - CrackersCompany's innovation

Experience CrackersCompany's online Corn Snack - a delightful surprise for those who have only tried corn cobs from the grill, popped popcorn, or canned corn. With a fine roasted aroma and balanced spiciness, our crispy-crunchy snack will delight your taste buds. Buy now and explore this delicious alternative to traditional snacks.

Taste innovation in a golden shell - Shop online at CrackersCompany

Think you've tried all the snacks and salt nibbles in the world? CrackersCompany's gently roasted and seasoned corn snack will surprise and delight your senses. This simple yet special treat is perfect for sharing or enjoying alone. Buy now and let the golden deliciousness of CrackersCompany's Corn Snack brighten up your snack time!

Nutrition Facts per 100 g Serving

Fat: 19 g
Saturated: 11,4 g
Carbs: 65,1 g
Sugar: 3,6 g
Protein: 8,7 g
Salt: 1,8 g


Corn, sunflower oil, salt


SKU: P-12201



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Besser als jegliche Chipssorte. Bin süchtig anch den Körnern.

>Jürgen B., 28.02.2019
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So richtig schön knackig!

>Margarete S., 09.06.2019
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Sehr lecker und frisch. Allerdings ist der Preis ein wenig zu hoch.

>Sharon P., 02.07.2019
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