Natural Power Booster with a long tradition

Lovers of chia seeds can always find more superlatives to give the tiny, dark seed and their positive effect on the human body corresponding expression. Originally from Mexico and Guatemala, we have experienced with this seed for some time now, however, were a long time ago traditionally one of the staple foods of Mayas and Aztecs. The positive effects of CHIA SEEDS are so rightly praised so what a view of the variety of uses of small seeds and also in terms of their nutrient balance because the Aztec warriors used the chia seeds before fighting as a survival food. Translated from the language of the Maja, Chia means "strength". The name says it all - Now get this unique seed and let yourself be convinced by the natural force of nature!

Super food and super healthy

The dream of being slim without starving, people dream about this since the beginning of industrialization. Less free time and thus less motion, ensure the person increasing rather than decreasing. With chia, a very long higher dream of saturation and support while losing unloved pounds could finally come true. Our CHIA SEEDS care through its high content of soluble fiber for the natural and unrefined carbohydrates are delivered over a length period of time into the blood. The appetite will be curbed in a natural way. With CHIA SEEDS healthy and figure-friendly diet is possible - a star that has risen to the sky and nutrition in our assortment for you now seems quite long.

A small seed travels around the world ...

The little tiny CHIA SEEDS have a long journey around the world competed to cavort in salads or cereals, yoghurts, fruit curd and define your satiety starting now. Pure or soaked overnight in water as chia gel, the use of the seeds is a simple but effective matter. A seed that has increasingly developed into a wellness product and will also help you to sustainably saturate to start the day. You can use the seeds in the morning breakfast routine signature as Shake or muesli or as a topping on fruit salads, etc. The creativity has no limits. However, you should be careful to drink neat. Thus, you care simultaneously for a constant water balance in your body.

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Chiasamen. Kann Spuren von GLUTEN und SOJA enthalten.
Kühl, trocken und lichtgeschützt lagern.


Nährwerte je 100g:
Energie (kJ/kcal) 1825/443 g
Fett 31 g
   davon gesättigte Fettsäuren 3,3 g
Kohlenhydrate 2 g
   davon Zucker 0 g
Eiweiß 20 g
Salz 0 g


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