Spicy nut kernel mix & chili crackers

bulk 2kg

bulk 2kg

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ZIP bag 350g

ZIP bag 350g

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composite can large 550g

composite can large 550g

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Not just for cowboys and cowgirls - Buy our WILD WEST MIX!

Our WILD WEST MIX is a delicious blend of nuts and crackers, including salted peanuts and fine, nutty cashews, combined with our popular rice crackers and fiery chili crackers. This snack is perfect for "city cowboys and girls" who move through their daily routines with the help of their trusty steel horse or spend their workdays behind the fence of the big city. We've added crispy, fiery chili crackers to our nutty mix to create a unique and flavorful snack. Our extra-spicy nut mix is inspired by the vast and endless highways of the prairie.

Our WILD WEST MIX - an adventure in every bite!

This nut mix is uncomplicated and reduced to the essentials, combined with rice crackers and chili-spiced crackers, which will remind you of a rancher and trapper's life. It will transport you to a world of campfires, clear skies, and strong black coffee in tin cups. The salty peanuts and aromatic, nutty cashews are important nutrient suppliers, and together with our fabulously spicy rice crackers and chili-spiced crackers, they create a snack moment with pure western flair!

Nuts, rice crackers, and fiery chili crackers - the perfect pick-me-up!

The earthy, sandy colors of the peanuts and cashews, and the red sunsets perfectly resembling our rice crackers, will paint an optically atmospheric picture of a prairie landscape of the Wild West. You can enjoy our snack mix in your saloon with evening beer or whiskey. So, swing your lasso and buy our WILD WEST MIX in an aluminum can or glass carafe. It's the perfect snack for a mood-setting ending of a tiring day and to replenish your energy reserves. The image of the cowboy, with his hat pulled down low, gloved hands casually throwing a handful of nuts in his mouth - it's pure adventure feeling - nothing beats it!

Nutrition Facts per 100 g Serving

Energy: 2114/508,6 kcal
Fat: 32 g
Saturated: 4,7 g
Carbs: 35,8 g
Sugar: 5,5 g
Protein: 17 g
Salt: 1 g


PEANUT, vegetable oil, salt, rice, WHEAT, CASHEW, chili, SOY SAUCE, sugar, starch, EGG, onion, peppers, garlic, SESAME, spices, malt syrup, maltodextrin, seeweed, colors: caramel, allura, yellow-orange S, Cochenillerot A, tartrazine, capsanthinc, NFE-PN, flavor enhancer: disodium guanylate, disodium, vitamin E. May contain traces of NUTS. May affect activity and attention in children.



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