Spicy and crispy peanut snack

bulk 6kg

bulk 6kg

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ZIP bag 450g

ZIP bag 450g

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composite can large 600g

composite can large 600g

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Especially spicy peanut snack with crispy shell – Buy now!

Shop online for Katjang PEDIS, a classic yet innovative peanut snack: spicy and crispy. A fresh, crisp peanut kernel in a spicy seductive shell could not be more tempting. Unlike the classic salted peanut snack, this has gained an exceptional flavor. A taste that is impossible to beat in terms of perfection. Buy now and let yourself be seduced by our delicious Katjang PEDIS from CrackersCompany!

Classic Peanut Snack - Order Online at CrackersCompany

The crispy wheat layer hides a nutty mystery beneath the golden wheat shell. Inside the shell are high-quality peanuts that are carefully roasted and treated in a complex process to create the perfect snack. Katjang PEDIS are the absolute snack highlight for almost any occasion that needs to be celebrated. Shop online now at CrackersCompany and experience the ecstasy of your taste buds!

The perfect peanut snack - Shop Online Today

These peanuts are not for beginners. These peanuts are designed for real snack professionals who appreciate the classic but attach great importance to innovation. We have elevated the salted peanuts by adding a crispy wheat shell that simply steals the show from every other salted peanut. Visually striking and even more delicious in taste! Shop now at CrackersCompany and let yourself be captivated by the unique sensation of nuts so perfect that they need a golden-yellow wheat coating. Bring them to your friends, to the first date, to the movies, to the office – and enjoy a perfect snack on-the-go. Don't let hunger catch you off guard, always have Katjang PEDIS by your side!

Nutrition Facts per 100 g Serving

Energy: 2373/567 kcal
Fat: 41,3 g
Saturated: 9,9 g
Carbs: 26,8 g
Sugar: 7,2 g
Protein: 19,8 g
Salt: 0,8 g


PEANUTS (75%), WHEAT flour, potato starch, Katjang Pedis seasoning (spices (chillies, paprika powder), WHEAT flour, colorants: paprika extract, salt, antioxidant: tocopherol, natural flavour), sunflower oil, garlic powder, natural flavour enhancer (WHEAT, salt), sugar, salt, stabilizer(s): baking soda. May contain traces of NUTS.



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Sehr würziger, mittelscharfer Snack. Außergewöhnlich und mit keinen anderen Erdnüssen, die ich bisher hatte, vergleichbar. Ich kaufe sie immer wieder......

>Gerhard G., 07.10.2021
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