Air roasted and seasoned peanut kernel

bulk 6kg

bulk 6kg

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ZIP bag 500g

ZIP bag 500g

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composite can large 650g

composite can large 650g

× 12,60 € * (19,38 € per kg)
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SKU: P-15109-CCL


Gently roasted peanuts with discreet spiciness - Buy now at CrackersCompany

Peanuts are valuable energy suppliers and include as a regular part of a balanced diet. With it's both single and multiple saturated fats rich in vitamin B (all B vitamins are important regulators of the metabolism), fiber, and mineral nutrients, they are really little power packets that support the human organism and help to stay fit. Our DRY ROASTED SPICY PEANUTS are available now online at CrackersCompany Shop, offering you more than just a crisp, spicy snack.

Perfectly spiced, air-roasted peanuts - Shop online now

The classic peanut remains the absolute No 1 of all nut snacks. Our DRY ROASTED SPICY PEANUTS have a fat-saving, gently air-roasted method with a splendid blend of spices that harmonize with the natural flavors of peanut. Shop now online at CrackersCompany for these spiced peanuts with a touch of sophistication. Try this delicious peanut snack and let yourself be convinced by its particularly balanced spiciness. These peanuts are an absolute must-have in the context of a modern and balanced diet, and beyond that, they taste absolutely delicious.

A spicy delight for all of the peanut fans - Buy now at CrackersCompany

They are the true classic among the walnut kernels, but they are tastier due to our air roasting and the perfectly seasoning. Enjoy consciously one of your favorite nuts in a delicious taste variation and try it! Whether You like it with other ingredients, that's entirely up to you. Buy now online at CrackersCompany Shop and experience DRY ROASTED SPICY PEANUTS snacking like never before. A tip for all Singles: With peanuts, you can get in touch with each other just fine. Simply offer and see if the other person can catch these piquant seasoned small nuts sent to the mouth? The flirt advantage you get with our DRY ROASTED SPICY PEANUTS!

Nutrition Facts per 100 g Serving

Fat: 47,8 g
Saturated: 7,4 g
Carbs: 13,9 g
Sugar: 4,8 g
Protein: 23,8 g
Salt: 1,5 g


PEANUTS (96,2%), spice mix (salt, yeast extract, modified potato starch, maltodextrin, stabiliser: sorbitol, onion powder, spices, flavours, food acid: citric acid, herbs (contains: CELERY), colorants: paprika extract, spice extract) (3,4%), emulsifier(s): arabic gum. May contain traces of NUTS.


SKU: P-15109



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