Nut kernel mix & fruit mix

bulk 3kg

bulk 3kg

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ZIP bag 450g

ZIP bag 450g

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composite can large 600g

composite can large 600g

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The mix for a perfect day on the beach

Summer sun and good humor - a day at the lake or beach, there is no obstacle for that anymore. Relax and enjoy the cloud formations in the sky and the smell of sun tan lotion on the skin. On days like this, the man is in the expansion mode and the summer feeling prevails. For the soul is so worried, but also, for the body must be something to be done in a day of sweet lightness. With our BEACH MIX you are well supplied with properly nutritious, filling and energetically acts to shine with the sun's rays. Mild-creamy cashew nuts, crunchy banana slices flavoured with honey, cranberry, sweet-tart physalis and candied papaya pieces are allowed, just a real tasty snack!

Summer, sun, sunshine

The undisputed sun god or the elegant sun god relaxing on the beach towels, sunglasses on his nose and this relaxed-serene radiance that you probably only radiates on a sunny day with a slight breeze. To make the day perfect only one thing is missing, the perfect BEACH MIX, provided with everything to avoid a binge and the bikini figure does not harm. The popular cashews play with the crispy banana slices that were sweetened with fine honey, cranberries, pretty papaya slices and gorgeously Physalis, try the volleyball-beach and play with the Baywatch Mermaid and see how stunning it gets.

Let the sun shine in!

The feet in the sand and the head in the sun. Who does not love, these sunny afternoons on the beach or at the lake? Pure relaxation, a cold wet, which makes up for a sweaty day. On summer days, a balanced diet is particularly important in order not to burden the body with too much additional food intake. Filling it should be, what you begrudge your body. We have just the right thing for you! The delightful cashew nuts in our BEACH MIX are heat-resistant and also the crispy banana slices are accustomed to the sun. Cranberries and Physalis love the warm climate, and the papaya slices in rose-coloured beach, are the sun-worshipers absolutely. Pure pleasure, light and easily digestible - fits into every beach bag and is waterproof guaranteed!

Nutrition Facts per 100 g Serving

Fat: 24,9 g
Saturated: 7,9 g
Carbs: 50,9 g
Sugar: 34,1 g
Protein: 9,6 g
Salt: 0,3 g


Cashew, banana, cranberry, Kapstachelbeere / Physalis, honey, papaya, sugar cane, sugar, vegetable oil (hardened), preservative: SULFUR DIOXIDE SULFUR DIOXIDE. May contain traces of SULPHITES and nuts.


SKU: P-20383



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