Colorful mixed gummy candy

bulk 3kg

bulk 3kg

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ZIP bag 700g

ZIP bag 700g

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composite can large 1,05kg

composite can large 1,05kg

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The sea now tastes fruity - wanna try?

These gummis look like mostly edible sea dwellers. Usually, they taste - well, just like fish usually tastes. In this case, it is different: Those sea dwellers taste fruity. We might have to expand the meaning of sea food just a bit for them.

A treat for the eyes

Those sweet sea dwellers are lovingly crafted to be just that - a treat for your eyes. We saw people watching and scrutinizing them. It looked ruminant indeed, the attention every detail got. Enviably!

Form follows function

Like most designers would agree - form follows function. You may ask yourself, why that also is true for this gummis? Well, that's easy. They are in the form of cute sea dwellers in order to be just perfect to eat, to play - and to boost your creativity. Every type of gummi represents another co-worker, rival or competitor in that tiny fish tank universe... you will always win!

Nutrition Facts per 100 g Serving

Energy: 1435/338 kJ/kcal
Fat: 0,1 g
Saturated: 0,1 g
Carbs: 77 g
Sugar: 43 g
Protein: 6,2 g
Salt: 0,2 g


Glucose syrup, sugar, gelatin, citric acid, flavors, coloring foods (blackcurrant, black carrot, turmeric, spirulina, safflower, red radish, red grape, cherry), palm kernel oil (RSPO certified), coating agents: beeswax white and yellow, carnauba wax, coloring matter: titanium dioxide, Biochar, brilliant blue FCF.


SKU: P-31340



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