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CrackersCompany Premium Snacks
Owner: Hasan Lombardi

Stuttgarter Strasse 106
70736 Fellbach

Phone: +49 711 - 64519-79
Fax: +49 711 - 64519-80

VAT: DE201823987

Did you know?

CrackersCompany is a market leader in exclusive cracker compositions with more than 300 different snack variations. With more than 15 years in experience Crackers Company is serving to private and business clients as well as international high-end hotels.

The famous CrackersCompany snacks are not only available in bulk bags but also in 6 beautiful packagings. Even private labelling - suited to your corporate design - is possible! Feel free to ask us for the terms and conditions.

Roasted Peanuts in shell