Exclusive snack experiences in gourmet quality

In 2001, company founder Hasan Lombardi ventured on the way to make exceptional snack mixes accessible to the top hotels in Germany. Previously, he had discovered countless nibble variants during his business trips as an entrepreneur and investor in the hotels and bars of international metropolises, which did not exist in Germany at that time. The fascination became passion and the idea turned into a company that today supplies well-known 4- and 5-star hotels all over the world with exclusive snack compositions and individual branding. For some years, the extensive range of CrackersCompany is also available to private consumers. For example, CrackersCompany now supplies private customers throughout Europe via its webshop, Amazon, Ebay, Hood and Kaufland.

"The high level of customer satisfaction of our worldwide private and business customers confirms our ambitious corporate philosophy and we hope you enjoy browsing through our product range and look forward to seeing you with our extremely delicious products."

Hasan Lombardi