Pretzel & pepper cracker

bulk 1,5kg

bulk 1,5kg

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ZIP bag 200g

ZIP bag 200g

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composite can large 300g

composite can large 300g

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Best-loved Nibble Mix - Shop now at CrackersCompany

This nut mixture makes the heart of a true salt crackers fan immediately beat faster: small pretzels and short pretzel sticks that blend elegantly through the mix, the magnificent Multigrain Pepper Crackers with their fabulously spicy flavour, Mini Hot rice crackers, so wonderfully salty and crunchy, that witty wheat crackers in playing cards colours like diamonds, hearts, clubs and spades. Not to mention the small round crackers with poppy seeds, the classics of every snack mix. Buy online at CrackersCompany and experience every little part of this SNACK MIX SPECIAL, a savory, wonderfully spicy-salty delicacy. In this blend, we mix them together to create a taste inferno. You won't be able to resist!

Carefully Selected Cracker Mix - Buy Online at CrackersCompany

In this SNACK MIX SPECIAL, we put so much passion and love for snacking that it couldn't get any better. Shop now and discover all the mixed salty stars of the snack scene, which harmonize wonderfully with each other in combination. Pretzels, wavy salt sticks, wonderfully spicy-fiery Multigrain Pepper crackers, mini Hot rice cracker, pretty wheat crackers in the playing cards colours clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds and small round crackers flavoured with poppy seeds. Each has its own special individual character. Buy online at CrackersCompany and experience a unique cracker team of superstars. This mix is a true winner!

The Best Crackers Mix - Find it Online at CrackersCompany

Buy online at CrackersCompany and experience a snacking delight you won't soon forget. This savory mix of different snack stars reads like a "who-is-who" of the snack high society: savory pretzels and pretzel sticks, gorgeous Multigrain Pepper Cracker with their sophisticated spicy taste, Mini Hotrice Cracker, so fantastically crisp, the stunning wheat crackers in playing cards colours such as clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds. Not to mention the all-time favourite among snacks: the small round crackers with poppy and its classic charm. The stage is set, spot on - applause for our snack stars!

Hearty Cracker Mix - Shop Online at CrackersCompany

You won't forget this snacking experience for a long time. This crunchy line-up is like the "who is who" of snack high-society: hearty salt pretzels, crispy multi-grain and wheat crackers with various flavours, and, last but not least, spicy rice crackers. Buy now at CrackersCompany and enjoy the incredible snack stars that will leave you wanting more!

Nutrition Facts per 100 g Serving

Fat: 11,7 g
Saturated: 7,3 g
Carbs: 77,2 g
Sugar: 40,7 g
Protein: 10,2 g
Salt: 3,3 g


WHEAT FLOUR, rice, black soybeans, sunflower oil, salt, barley MALT extract, glucose-fructose syrup, whey, poppy seeds, sugar, sesame, emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides, yeast, acidity regulator: sodium hydroxide, pepper, onion, garlic, maltodextrin, Flavor enhancer: monosodium glutamate, disodium 5'-ribonucleotide, hydrolysed vegetable protein, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide, OAT, rice bran, potato starch, antioxidant: butylhydroxitoluol, inulin. May contain traces of MUSTARD, SULFUR DIOXIDE, and SULFITE.


SKU: P-12230



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