Sweet, fried slices of apple, sweet potato, carrot, peach and winter melon with green beans.

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Creative mix of the fruit bowl and the vegetable basket

On the trend of combining different flavours and new to repeatedly set the scene, we have long been accustomed. However, to combine fruits and vegetables in a unique snack and merge, thereby highlighting the finest nuances of sweet, salty, bitter and fruity, is a taste experience which became a cult. From apple, sweet potato, carrot, bean, peach & winter melon we have the unique VEGETABLE & FRUIT CHIPS creates a crunchy snack that includes all the favourite flavours. The wonderful ingredients of each fruit and vegetable places due to the gentle manufacturing process are maintained. The same is true for the beautiful colour shades, which clearly distinguishes this from other snack snacks and invites to carefree crunch.

Seduction with fruit and vegetable chips

A gently-spicy but intense seduction are our VEGETABLE & FRUIT CHIPS at first glance. The colours are reminiscent of a fruit bowl that lingers next to the basket from the market with the most delicious vegetables on the kitchen table until Madame or Monsieur the house a delicious fruit salad or fine vegetable sticks prepared, which is then destroyed beaming by the whole family. Since the fun while enjoying traditional Obst and salad often falls by the wayside, our Chipsmix are a fine complement to healthy, fresh food. Sweet potato, carrot, bean - side by side with apple, peach & winter melon are the lively and creative supplementing the daily nutrition, if it does not want to go quite as strict and a healthy snack desire for change arouses.

Crunchy treat with Fruits & Vegetables

The sweet potato, carrot, bean, we have once thrown together quite cheeky with apple, peach & winter melon and a pinch of salt. The result is a dish best chips like us, you can not imagine in a dream. This VEGETABLE & FRUIT CHIPS are not only an alternative to boring potato chips, they are definitely now your new best friend, if you like fruit & vegetable, and are currently looking at car on the road or in the office and provide no vegetable peeler or a fruit knife to hand have. The perfect balance of sweet and salty make this Nascherei a very special culinary experience, breastfeeding your looking for the perfect crunch!

Nutrition Facts per 100 g Serving

Energy: 1940/463 kcal
Fat: 22 g
Saturated: 10,1 g
Carbs: 52 g
Sugar: 49 g
Protein: 10,5 g
Salt: 0,2 g


apple (25,92%), sweet potato (22,68%), carrot (16,2%), palm oil (RSPO: SG, MB), green beans (6,48%), peaches (5,67%), pumpkin (4,05%), maltose, water.


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4 from 5 Früchtechips

Die Frucht- und Gemüsechips hab ich aus Neugierde bestellt. Früchtechips kennt man ja schon...aber die Gemüsevariante war mir neu. Ich war positiv überrascht. Das Gemüse schmeckt tatsächlich nach Gemüse...nur eben crosser durch die Ummantelung. Allerdings gibt es von mir nur 4 Sterne, da es trotz des authentischem Geschmacks wohl nicht zu meinen Faforiten wird.

>Tanja S., 14.10.2020
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