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    Breadsticks with tomato basil & oregano
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    PEANUT, WHEAT, CORN, sugar, vegetable oil, salt, chili, olive oil, maltodextrin, garlic, beef flavor, yeast, onion, chicken, spices, rice, SOY SAUCE, tapioca, pepper, oregano, yeast, malt, basil, chickPEAS, BROADBEAN, green BEANS, SHRIMP, curry powder, silicon dioxide, stabilizer: tricalcium orthophosphate, flavor enhancer: disodium guanylate, disodium, acidity regulator: citric acid, malic acid, sodium diacetate, ammoniumii, colors: capsanthinc, curcumin, yellow-orange S, tartrazine, brilliant blue FCF. May contain traces of SESAME SEEDS and NUTS. Can affect activity and attention in children.
    Store cool, dry and protected from light.

    Nutrition Facts per 100 g Serving
    energy (kJ/kcal): 1939.5/461.4
    fat (g):
        thereof saturated fatty acids (g):
    carbohydrates (g):
       thereof sugar (g):
    protein (g): 10,4
    salt (g): < 0,1


    The Best of Tuscany - creative culinary implementation

    Tuscany is known and loved - particularly marked due to their beautiful landscapes, of beautiful hills with cypress and pine. This impressive scenic part of Italy inspired us to our SPICY TUSCANY BLEND. The best ingredients such as our popular peanut ravioli, wheat sticks with basil, oregano and rice crackers with a taste of ripe tomatoes, this snack comes perfectly on. Typically Italian, this blend is a mixture wonderful little things that in between invites you to enjoy this fabulous snacks and ensures you the typical Italian feeling that is loved around the world.

    Snack mix with peanuts and a creative assortment of rice crackers, and green peas as a highlighter.

    The individual, crispy ingredients, like the crunchy spicy Peanut Ravioli, which harmonize perfectly with garnished oregano and basil wheat sticks, and refined with fruity tomato, our rice crackers are not only an absolute blend but also a visual feast in a classic Tuscan-Mediterranean way . A particularly handsome eye-catcher are the bright green, plump green peas. They complete the mix in a very original way. Enjoy "dolce far niente" the sweet art of doing nothing that relaxing as tasting our SPICY TUSCANY BLEND.

    Mediterranean peanut blend with exquisite ingredients - as colourful and intense flavoured like a vacation in Tuscany

    Ravioli Peanut, Wheat sticks that reminds you of a small ciabatta bread, a fruity aroma of tomatoes, oregano and basil. These crackers, for example, served with mozzarella and tomatoes or well-ripened slices of Parma ham, is a wonderful flavour mixture.Served with Parmesan, Pecorino or Taleggio rolls, this snack mix ennobles the finest Italian cheeses really wonderful. As a snack to Chianti, Morellino, Brunello that's quite apartt. Our TUSCANY SPICY blend is always the ideal companion in a Mediterranean style in company of someone or even alone.

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    5 from 5 Something different and special

    In our household, we like hot snacks. There are a lot of mixes available, but after a while they all seem pretty much the same. This blend is not overly hot, but it is spicy... and spicy with a different kick. We can get so accustomed to the Hispanic hot or Asian hot or Indian hot ... but here we have a nice Mediterranean spice blend that is both piquant and unique. The mix of coated nuts, assorted crackers and dried peas creates an especially satisfying munch. I wasnt sure about trying this mix, but Im glad we did. We definitely will have it on our list whenever we order.

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