Peanut kernel with crispy corn

bulk 3kg

bulk 3kg

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ZIP bag 400g

ZIP bag 400g

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composite can large 600g

composite can large 600g

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Experience the Mexican Adventure Now at CrackersCompany

Mexico is home to a cultural diversity found in only a few regions of the world, often culminating in culinary specialties with a very interesting and world-famous cuisine. Based on the delightful and exciting dishes of this cuisine, we have designed our MEXICAN BLEND accordingly with its main ingredients. Small crispy corn and refined, crunchy roasted peanuts playing the leading role. A fine flavored seasoning mix and some chili complete perfectly this delicacy with North American flair à la Mexico. Buy online now at CrackersCompany!

Fiesta, Fiesta Mexicana at CrackersCompany Shop!

A typical Fiesta Mexicana includes music, dance, and lots of Mexican specialties for your stomach. Mexicans rarely miss an opportunity to celebrate with family and friends. We are confident that our MEXICAN BLEND, available online at CrackersCompany, would make a great impression at your fiesta. We've made every effort to provide a masterful mix of crispy baked corn, crunchy peanuts, and a typical spice blend to satisfy Mexican flavors and ensure a fiery mood.

Buy MEXICAN BLEND Online for Unforgettable Mexican Cocktail Moments

Our interpretation of the Mexican lifestyle is expressed in our MEXICAN BLEND, available online at CrackersCompany shop. The bright golden yellow color of this mixture will transport your well-traveled palate instantly into the midst of the Sierra Madre, Acapulco de Juárez, the beaches of Riviera Maya, or the Rio Bravo. With the unbelievably delicious baked corn and the spicy peanuts, you have an ideal snack blend when you crave a Mexican beer or Margarita, the most famous tequila cocktail. A Daiquiri, with more likely sweet undertones, also pairs perfectly. Viva México! Buy now!

Nutrition Facts per 100 g Serving

Fat: 34,2 g
Saturated: 9,3 g
Carbs: 38,5 g
Sugar: 3,9 g
Protein: 17,3 g
Salt: 1 g


Corn, PEANUT, vegetable oil, salt. May contain traces of GLUTEN, SOY, MILK, SESAME and other nuts.


SKU: P-12222



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