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    Kumquat cinnamon apple strawber. & kiwi
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    Sugar, kumquat, apple, strawberry, sugar cane, kiwi, citric acid, aroma, maltose, salt, acidity regulator: calcium chloride, cinnamon, Colours: Carmine, sulfur dioxide. May contain traces of PEANUTS, SULPHITES and NUTS.
    Store cool, dry and protected from light.

    Nutrition Facts per 100 g Serving
    energy (kJ/kcal): 1434/340.9
    fat (g):
        thereof saturated fatty acids (g):
    carbohydrates (g):
       thereof sugar (g):
    protein (g): 0,8
    salt (g): < 0,1


    Refuel energy for an eventful day

    The human body needs for a good night's sleep, a very nutritious breakfast to quickly replenish the spent energy reserves again and to have really good start to the day. Our GOOD MORNING BLEND not only a Turbo Start is backed up in the day, but also the good mood keeps immediately move into your cereal bowl. With a smile on the cheeks, to candied kumquats deliciously enhanced with cinnamon, to enjoy dried apple pieces, candied strawberries and kiwi and tasty coconut strips and so completely relaxed to start the day is a glorious decelerated pleasure.

    A fruit mix is a must on every breakfast table!

    A good and balanced breakfast also consists of delicious fruits that bring their carbohydrates the energy balance on ordinary tours. The GOOD MORNING BLEND with its creative compiling a welcome change on the breakfast plate or cereal bowl. The individual fruits are a creative mix of known and exotic fruits, candied delicious. Kumquats, which provide with their lemony flavour for fun on the tongue and make really awake, the dried apple pieces ensure smooth digestion and candied strawberries and kiwi provide the incomparable fruit kick that accompany the coconut strips exotic-sweet.

    Early bird gets the fruit in the mouth...

    Eventually you realize that the beloved breakfast ritual lack creativity is always boring and will eventually completely removed entirely in favor of a coffee and croissants. The most important meal of the day degenerate into a greasy snack occupied casually and in complete bustle. With GOOD MORNING BLEND You can this sad driving an end. A small plate filled with some of the delicious kumquats, dried apple pieces, candied strawberries, kiwi and tasty coconut strips, plus some nuts - with a cup of coffee or green tea - is prepared in a short time. If you then take you ten minutes to eat these treats depressurized, is a successful, good-humored start to the day nothing in the way!

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