Apple Cinnamon Chips - you´ll naturally savour them!

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Apple & Cinnamon - well known synergy effect!

Everybody knows cinnamon, knows it for ages - we bet, everybody will be able to recount at least 5 recipes including cinnamon at once. The combination of apple and cinnamon is equally famous - and loved. Rightly so! Those two complement each other - it was only a question of time until they would become our tasty Apple Cinnamon Chips. A natural combination, a neccessary combination!

What´s behind this cinnamon thing?

Cinnamon adds perfect flavour to many dishes - sweet and savoury. Sometimes it increases fine taste, sometimes it complements flavour ideally. Concerning apple chips, it increases their fine taste without a hint of a doubt. To tell you, that cinnamon is extracted from the bark of a tree doesn´t need to convince you further. Or that cinnamon is used as a spice for more or less 4000 years in china and asia.

Happy ever after - with Apple Cinnamon Chips!

Most people intuitively say, that cinnamon is most commonly to be used in winter. What a shame! At least those Apple Cinnamon Chips can be enjoyed all year round! Or do you want to discriminate spring or summer just for the fine weather? We cannot let you do this, so we have those Apple Cinnamon Chips on offer all year round!

Nutrition Facts per 100 g Serving

Energy: 1426/339 kcal
Fat: 8,1 g
Saturated: 4 g
Carbs: 60,8 g
Sugar: 44,2 g
Protein: 1,4 g
Salt: 22,8 g


Apple, palm oil, dextrin, Cinnamon


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5 from 5 Die leckersten Chips ever !!!

Achtung Suchtgefahr !
Gesunde und leckere Alternative zu üblichen Naschereien auch gerade bei Kindern sehr beliebt !

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